Business Development

Business Development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets and relationships.  At its heart, business development is figuring out how the interactions of these forces combine together to create opportunities for growth (Forbes “What, Exactly, Is Business Development?” 03/21/2012).  Business Development incorporates a wide array of skillsets, including strategy, sales/marketing, and relationship management.  Because the field can involve participation with nearly every segment of a business, a successful business development professional must have at least a basic understanding of numerous disciplines.

Because I completed a bachelors in business administration, this unit will primarily serve to deepen my knowledge in a few specific areas of interest.

  1. Business Strategy
  2. Accounting – Costing, pricing, and reporting
  3. Finance – Valuation, modeling/forecasting, analysis, and deal structures
  4. Innovation – Human-centered design
  5. Corporate Governance – From start-up through various growth cycles
  6. Consulting and Project Management
  7. Private Sector Development, Politics, and Human Rights in Asian Emerging Markets

The Business Development segment will incorporate graded online courses from esteemed universities (via Coursera and Stanford’s Venture Lab), independent reading, and short-term projects/consultancies with industry professionals.  Some projects/consultancies may overlap with those in the Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing syllabus.  All of my work will be documented in my online portfolio, subject to disclosure requirements and approval from the parties involved.

Online Courses:

  1. Finance (January 2013, University of Michigan) – Prof. Kaul
  2. Start-Up Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship (October 2012, Stanford University) – Prof. Clint Korver
  3. Grow to Greatness 1 (January 2013, University of Virginia) – Prof. Hess
  4. Grow to Greatness 2 (April 2013, University of Virginia) – Prof. Hess
  5. Operations Management (September 2013, University of Pennsylvania) – Prof. Terwiesch
  6. A Crash Course on Creativity (Spring 2013, Stanford University) – Prof. Seelig
  7. How to Build a Start-Up and the Business Model Canvas – Steve Blank


  2. DC Burma Roundtable
  3. DC Lean Start-Up Circle

Core Texts:

  1. IDEO Human-Centered Design Toolkit
  2. Stanford Bootcamp Bootleg
  3. Good to Great, Jim Collins
  4. McKinsey’s Valuation (5th Edition)
  5. Intermediate Accounting, 11th Edition by Donald Kieso
  6. Matching Supply with Demand: An Introduction to Operations Management
  7. Principles of Governance by John Carver
  8. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (4th edition)
  9. Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss


  1. Complete 4 online courses with letters of endorsement
  2. Develop financial models with valuations, scenario analysis and deal structure options for 3 start-up businesses (<$299,999 SR), 2 small businesses (<$999,999 SR), and 2 medium-sized businesses ($1-3 million SR)
  3. Receive letter of endorsement from HSEG Board Chairman for high-levels of participation as a Director
  4. Receive letter of endorsement from Hagar International CEO for my role as Chairman of the Board for Cross Border Awareness Events
  5. Implement IDEO Human-Centered Design process for 1 consultancy/project
  6. Complete 1 consultancy involving franchising/licensing
  7. Complete Project Management Certification Exam

Support Needed:

  1. Identifying a low-cost project management course or mentor
  2. Identifying groups or trainings on human-centered design

One Response to “Business Development”

  1. Your program seems awesome. I’m looking to make inroads to the social impact arena. Im interested in working for an accelerator. I’m in the NYC metro area. I have a list on accelerators that may be of help to you.

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