Trail Update: Smugglers’ Trail (Cardamom Mountains)

November 2010 Cardamoms Adventure 106

Check out this fantastic blog series from Megan’s cycling trip across the Cardamom Mountains in late-2016. She followed a similar route as Steve and I way back in November 2010. Megan’s trip report is the most recent info I’ve seen on road conditions, routes, etc.

As always, very happy to share my GPS coordinates / map for the route.  All the trail reports I’ve received note that the original Smugglers’ Trail is now overgrown and impassable.  Most cyclists and dirt bikers are following a newer dirt road slightly north of our trail.


~ by responsiblenomad on March 24, 2017.

One Response to “Trail Update: Smugglers’ Trail (Cardamom Mountains)”

  1. Hey thanks for the link! Your blog was the one that originally gave me the idea to tackle the route. Definitely no more smugglers trail, but I did meet some dirt bikers who claimed the existence of a “Tiger Trail” or something.

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