An Invitation – Cycling to the Heart of the Southern Cardamom Mountain Range

November 2010 Cardamoms Adventure 271

In the spirit of Alastair Humphreys‘ micro adventure movement, I would like to invite any and all to join my latest trip: a cycling journey to the heart of Cardamoms Mountains in Cambodia.

From the 9th of May to the 13th of May, we will be cycling from Kirirom National Park through the souther Cardamom Mountain range through the Areng Valley to Koh Kong province.  We will follow the route discovered by my friend named Steve, but based on his input, we’ll switch up the route a bit to explore some other (potential) trails.

The trip is expected to take four days and depends largely on the quality of the trails, the height of the rivers , and the number of overgrowth in the rainforest (even though the rainy season has not yet arrived , there is a small possibility that the trails are impassable).

Everyone is invited – please send an email to me via the Contact page. You should be able to cycle long distances (70-80 mountainous kilometers per day in hot, tropical weather) and be willing to camp out in the jungle.  Other than that I think just about anyone can do it.  I will organize all the preparations and the group will split all the daily expenses .



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