Permission to Start

A common thread in my coaching sessions the past few weeks has been the 30-page business plan.

There is always some element that holds people back:

We’ve been planning for around four months and we want help with our financial projections.  Then we can get started.


Can you tell us what a risk analysis framework is?  We need this for our plan.

I probe: 

Tell me what inspired your idea.  Tell me about your customer and their pain.  Tell me about your solution.

Often, I find, the business plan is an excuse, a crutch for you not to face your fear.  You can always “perfect” a PowerPoint, Word Document, or Excel model.

Then, I say:

Great job on your plan – I know you learned a lot.  Throw it out, go get your first customer.  Learn directly from the source. Now.  Before someone else takes advantage of the great opportunity you’ve identified and that you are uniquely positioned to take advantage of.  


I am giving you permission to start, not that you really needed my permission anyway or that my permission matters.

~ by responsiblenomad on July 20, 2013.

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