Protection at Social Enterprises


It was a normal day at Joma Bakery Café when I received a call from Hagar’s Career Counselor.

“It’s happening on Wednesday,” she said.

One of my employees had been fearing this day ever since rumours started circulating that her husband would be released from prison.  She had received numerous threats against her and her children from her abusive ex-husband while he was serving his sentence.

I called my management team together and relayed the news. At Joma Bakery Café, our team doesn’t care where someone comes from. They’re part of the Joma family.  We decided to switch our colleague’s shift so she didn’t need to return home in the evening. We requested an extra guard on duty from the security company and notified all of our staff at the café where she works to be on the lookout for the man.

My whole team was anxious over the next few days, but nothing happened and thankfully his threats went unrealized. It made me realize something important though: protection for Hagar clients doesn’t stop with the transition to employment. It is a long journey that our social enterprise investments, like Joma Bakery Cafe, play a critical role in.

This post originally appear on Hagar International’s blog on May 1, 2013.  The photo at the top of the post is artwork by a client from Hagar Vietnam’s creative arts-based therapy program.


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