Careers in Play

“The sensible person is one who gets paid for playing. All work can be transformed into play – if one is not in a hurry to be somewhere else.” – Alan Watts

I am in the process of revising my Open Masters plan and have found myself struggling to integrate Presence & Compassion with the rest of my plan.  Since September, I’ve completed a few Coursera online courses and a number of project objectives, but haven’t devoted more than a few hours to the Presence & Compassion segment.  In retrospect, I believe that this is due to my perception the segment has no timeline or measurable goal (particularly in comparison to the other segments that emphasize skills/knowledge).  In reality, presence and compassion is the work of a lifetime and is not something I am keen to measure in any traditional sense.  Furthermore, I am unsure as of yet how my practice in the Presence & Compassion unit will influence the rest of my plan, since it will be the lens through which I reflect on myself and the field of social entrepreneurship.

My overarching purpose in the Open Masters Program and life in general, is to fuse work and passion (or, to take a cue from Alan Watts, play).  The Presence & Compassion unit is an on-going effort to better understand myself, my purpose and my passion.  Reflecting on my first semester, I’ve achieved a number of learning goals but I’ve also created a dichotomy between my spiritual/philosophical ambitions and my work.  These ought to be mutually-reinforcing.

As I revise my plan, my challenge is figuring out how to balance cultivating plants that already bear some fruit while watering seeds that have yet to sprout.


~ by responsiblenomad on December 3, 2012.

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