Now Hiring at Hagar and Working in the Grey Area (Part 1)

As board member of Hagar Social Enterprise Group, I am reviewing a number of applications for the Social Enterprise Director position – if you are interested in impact investing and social entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia (+ Afghanistan), you should click here to check out the job description.  I thought I would give some food for thought to prospective candidates…

Social entrepreneurship exists in the grey area between the private, public and non-profit sectors.  This makes recruiting individuals a bit tricky.  Do you look for the seasoned private sector veteran who can learn the social impact slant?  Or do you look for the international development program manager who can figure out business development?  How much does knowledge matter in this field?  Or is it really about talent?

I anticipate that entrepreneurial candidates will find this blog entry and give some thought to the questions above.  I’d also encourage you to read “What Business Execs Don’t Know – but Should – About Nonprofits” from the Stanford Innovation Review. This is required reading for management and board members at Hagar International.

I’ll follow-up in a few weeks with more a in-depth reflection about this topic (and to congratulate the new Social Enterprise Director).


~ by responsiblenomad on October 19, 2012.

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