2011 Staff Party at Joma Vietnam

I’ll admit that my motivation was waning as Joma approached the end of 2011.  In the span of two weeks, our management team had completed all 100 staff performance review sessions, determined salary increases/adjustments, adjusted menu pricing, interviewed a dozen cafe manager candidates, sold 1,100 gingerbread men (a batallion of delicious Joma soldiers), and about 1,000 other little end-of-year tasks.

In November, we decided at a management meeting in November that we ought to have a staff party, but planning didn’t begin in earnest until about a week before the event.  My mind didn’t even move into party mode until 4 hours before, as I scrambled to complete 40 or so handwritten cards of congratulations and encouragement.

Finally, the cafes and bakery cleared out as staff started to make their way to the boat, and I had 20-minutes to reflect and write my opening speech.  Joma Vietnam is a young company and has had a lot of growing pains, but we accomplished a ton this year.  To convey that, I trolled through our POS system to see just how much we accomplished:

  • 125,000 shots of espresso
  • 70,000 bagels
  • 50,000 sandwiches
  • 140,000+ customers
  • Nine babies (well, I can’t say that was a business target; but Joma is a very fertile place!)

That is a lot of people happily enjoying our delicious homemade products, fair trade Lao coffee and tranquil cafe atmosphere.  After a lot of challenges in 2010, we sorted out our differences and got everyone on the same boat.  None of the above would have happened if we hadn’t all paddled together (and had a hell of a maintenance man, Toan, to constantly repair those cheap Chinese-made paddles).

I’d like to once again congratulate all our award winners.  Though I have only know each of them a year, I am so proud to see how much they have grown.  I hope one will be Country Manager in a few years time!

Coaching – Tuan (LQS), Thin (LQS), Hai (Bakery), Hoa (Bakery), Huyen (Bakery), Trang (TNV), and Lien (TNV)

“Hardworking Bee” – Toan (Maintenance)

Staff of the Year – Lan (TNV), Hong (LQS), Tam (Bakery), Quan (Bakery), Tuyet (Inventory), and Tuoi (Office)

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One Response to “2011 Staff Party at Joma Vietnam”

  1. Hic hic, When i read this topic, i mis JOMA so so much. Your topic make me “huhu”. I don’t know you remember me or not? But i mis you and Joma’s members a lot.

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