Not So Eco Park

I was graciously invited for a tour of one of Hanoi’s newest real estate development projects, Eco Park.  Like almost every other real estate project I have seen in Vietnam, Eco Park has grand ambitions that, from my humble perspective, don’t quite seem to match the reality of the market.

That aside, as we entered the front gate of Eco Park I was impressed by its beauty and tranquility.  Diverse flora and fauna provided shade, while exotic birds flew from tree to tree.  Most notably, it was actually quiet – after a year in Hanoi, I’d buy a house there just for that perk.

When I commented on the beautiful variety of tall trees, our guide added “Yes, most of them came from Cambodia and Laos.”  A wave of sadness washed across my body – utterly depressing.  Thousands of beautiful primary growth trees – banyan trees, palm trees… uprooted from pristine forests and trucked to this “eco” development.

I guess Eco Park might explain what I saw on my bike ride deep in Cambodia’s once pristine Cardamom Mountains:


~ by responsiblenomad on December 4, 2011.

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