Taking a New Look at Joma’s Mission/Vision in Vietnam

Over the past five days, nearly all 74 non-management staff at our bakery, office and two cafes participated in creative arts-based visioning workshops.  All of the groups were a mix of staff from different areas of Joma – for most, it was the first time they got to meet other members of the Joma team!  At the workshops, each group developed vision and mission statements for Joma, reflected on the challenges of working as a team in their departments, and highlighted areas that make them proud to be part of the Joma community.

For many staff,  this was the first time that an employer has been so forthcoming to receive their feedback on such high-level topics like mission/vision.  However, it was wonderful to see how open many staff were to share their challenges and ideas.  Our wonderful facilitators, Enda and Lan, used creative methods (art activities, role playing, games) to help confront challenging topics, overcome cultural barriers, and elicit really interesting ideas for how Joma can better serve its employees, partners and customers moving forward.

The Joma Vietnam management team, Joma’s founders, and a few key Joma Laos team members will participate in a similar strategic workshop in late August.  Using the feedback from the operational staff, management will continue its reflection on Joma’s mission and vision.

I’ll post more pictures and thoughts next week – some of the drawings of Joma’s future (visioning exercise) are brilliant!


~ by responsiblenomad on July 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Taking a New Look at Joma’s Mission/Vision in Vietnam”

  1. […] In July, nearly all 74 non-management staff at Joma Vietnam participated in creative arts-based visi….  Now it’s time for Joma Vietnam’s managers, the founders, and some special guests from Joma Laos to take the process to the next level.  We’re off to Tam Dao Mountain tomorrow for two and a half days of workshops designed to reconnect staff, new and old, with Joma’s rich story from its humble beginnings as a tiny cafe with five staff in Vientiane, Laos to nearly 300 staff in two countries and a core non-profit partnership (Hagar International) to “up the ante” on its social mission (as the founders like to say). […]

  2. […] Then, we took a step back and reflected on the challenges identified by our staff at the workshops in July.  We ended the day with a more strategic session by completing a SWOC analysis of Joma in groups […]

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