Joma Vietnam Barista Idol 2011 Results

Tuesday was Joma Vietnam’s first annual Barista Idol competition!  Seven of Joma’s top baristas furiously prepared four drinks in five minutes for our panel of judges to evaluate.  I was really, really impressed by the composure, creativity and talent that our baristas displayed.  Bich (“Big”) Diep, Huy, Lan, Dinh, Thi (“Little”) Diep, Lien, and Chien – great job!

A big thanks to our guest judges Ginny (espresso), Lan (cappuccino), Dung (latte), and Melissa (specialty drink) for bravely consuming seven drinks each.  Also, a big thanks to our cafe managers Huyen & Phuong for judging the participants’ technical skills and helping to organize the competition.  Finally, I personally appreciated the dozen or so Joma staff from To Ngoc Van and Ly Quoc Su that came out to support their friends and colleagues during the competition.

The competition was very even between all the participants, but Bich Diep stole the show with her perfect cappuccino foam, excellent technical skills, and creative cafe mocha (mystery drink) with a cursive “So Cute” drawn on the foam.   Chien’s composure, efficient use of the espresso machine, and strong latte/cappuccino helped her earn the #2 spot.

Joma Vietnam will sponsor Chien and Diep for the Vietnam Barista Competition 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City this September.  If they make the initial cut, they will be competing with 18 other top baristas from around Vietnam!  Even if they don’t qualify to compete, Chien and Diep will head down to HCMC to participate in the Food and Hotel Vietnam 2011 conference and watch the Vietnam Barista Competition.

It was a fun afternoon and a celebration of Joma’s commitment to developing our employees and serving top notch, fair trade coffee.  Can’t wait to do it again next year!

For anyone interested, you can download our Barista Idol materials here: Joma Barista Competition, Joma Barista Competition-vn, Joma Barista Idol Technical Judging Evaluation, and Joma Barista Idol Sensory Judging Evaluation. We tried to model it on the National Vietnam Barista Competition (2011).


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    espresso chuyen nghiep

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