Crossing the Cardamom Mountain Range (Video Part 2)

My friend and adventurer-in-crime spliced together a great video from our November trip across the Cardamom Mountain range in western Cambodia.  We road the Smugglers’ Trail from dusty Pursat to Koh Kong, crossing mountain after mountain through the jungles of the Cardamoms.  An absolute blast of a trip – nothing compares to camping on the side of a rushing river and setting up a roaring fire to enjoy a big pot of chili.

Update – Read the full write-up for the trip starting on Day 1Pursat to the Red-Hat Man’s House

Check out the GPS tracks and Google Earth info at Virgin Trails.

Check out my video post on the Cardamoms trip here.


~ by responsiblenomad on March 12, 2011.

One Response to “Crossing the Cardamom Mountain Range (Video Part 2)”

  1. Tim, I won’t lie. I only made this video for one scene – the fall. It was so funny I watched the clip 30 times in a row and decided it needed to be sandwiched in a 6 min full featured adventure clip.

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