How to Hotwire a Moto

Everyone in Cambodia loses their moto key at some point.  Locksmiths do brisk business churning out cheap 50 cent replacements in under 5 minutes.  Because no key fits well, they always seem to jiggle their way out of the ignition.  There is nothing worse than the walk of shame: pushing a dead moto from your house in stifling heat twenty or so minutes to the nearest locksmith.

After losing my second key in two weeks I decided to take a different strategy:  I hotwired my Honda Supercub.  Because this “fix” cuts off power from the battery, you won’t be able to use your headlights, horn or turn signal.  This solution is perfect if you’re in a bind and need to get somewhere quickly or simply don’t want to push your moto around town.  All you need is a phillips screwdriver and approximately 90 seconds.

The key-less patient

The cables you’ll need to identify are behind the headlight on nearly all moto brands/types.

On a Supercub there are two screws holding the headlight in place.  Both are located on the bottom half of the base.  Use your phillips screwdriver to remove the screws.

Here are the guts behind the headlight.  Because most older motos have had numerous wire replacements, be careful when handling the wires.  Things can fray or snap easily (i.e. weight of the headlight dangling can pull out a wire).

The particular wire that you’re looking for is pretty easy to identify.  Look for a big white plastic connector piece.

The connector has a piece you can press to release the connection.  Pull the connector apart and make sure that the contact points don’t touch.  Reinsert the wires into the casing and screw the headlight back on.

You should now be able to start the moto using the kick-starter.

If you want to turn off the engine, simple use the engine choke.  This is typically found on the left handlebar.  To engage the choke, pull it to the left.  Always make sure to return it to its original position.  If you do not, you will not be able to start the engine.

Good luck!


~ by responsiblenomad on December 15, 2010.

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