Open Source Friday – Agriculture Model

I’ve donated my time to a number of projects over the course of the past three and half years I’ve spent here in Cambodia.  Instead of collecting dust in the black abyss of some Windows folder, I figure I might as well share some of these plans, tools, models, etc. in the hope that others may benefit from it.  I came up with “Open Source Friday” after spending hours in deep thought about naming such an initiative (kidding).

This week I’d like to share a model I came up with for an organic orchard in rural Cambodia.  This model allows a scalable farm, including pretty accurate planting and revenue assumptions/projections for a number of different types of plants/trees.

While the model is comprehensive on the revenue side, it is pretty simplistic on the cost side (primarily because I lacked time and the access to technical knowledge to develop a more accurate system).  The model also needs a bit of work on the IS/BS/CF to tie everything together.

Download the Agriculture Financial Model November 2010 Created by Tim Rann

If anyone finds this useful, please drop a note.  Would love to hear how it is used.


~ by responsiblenomad on November 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “Open Source Friday – Agriculture Model”

  1. […] am a firm believer in giving gifts.  I hope the agriculture financial model has been useful to some […]

  2. Hi – thank you for making this public I am finding it immensely useful for a project I am delivering. I am developing more of a back end in terms of the financial statements for it, and a labour/cost per ha absorption front end for the costings but the revenue/yield mgt is spot on and saves me recasting one of my old car park yield models!

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